Monday, August 30, 2010

Level Up! A Pit Bull Experience

Yes.  You read it right:  I pampered a pit bull.  Scary?  Nah.  I think it was a wonderful experience, especially for a dog-scared (read: doggie phobia stricken) person like me.

Thankfully, this doggie was in a good mood when we took this picture.

People normally think of pit bulls as these monstrous, big bad doggies fit only for people with the same mean character and image that these four-legged creatures project.  I couldn't blame them.  Some years ago, even the U.S. banned the propagation and sale of these dogs because they have gained so much notoriety for being so fierce and aggressive.  Even dog behavior expert and National Geographic's Dog Whisperer TV Host Cesar Millan acknowledges that pit bulls have that willd and aggressive side that always comes out from time to time. It's no wonder they're the top breed involved in dog fights, something that animal rights advocates have long been rallying against.  

Dog behavior expert Cesar Millan with long-time ally, Daddy the pitbull.
Picture credits:  Cesar's Way

Cesar Millan's well-mannered pit bulls:  Junior and Daddy.
Picture credits:  Cesar's Way

I thought I'd never see an actual pit bull.  I only read about them from books or the internet.  But one day, a neighbor of ours decided to take care of a pair of newborn girl and boy pit bulls.  Sweetie and I curiously visited them, and to my surprise, they were not aggressive at all.  They were friendly, and instantly took to us as if were long-lost friends.  Soon, Sweetie and I found ourselves paying them a weekly visit and having them smell and lick our hands.  That was my closest encounter even with a dog, because the doggiephobic in me absolutely never touched a dog in my whole life.

Sadly, the puppies have been sold when our neighbor got sick recently and was no longer allowed to go near dogs or cats.  Sweetie would have wanted to buy the pit bulls but when we failed to show up at our neighbor's the week before, they auctioned them off to the first buyer waiting to buy the handsome doggies.  They were only two months old, but they were absolutely cute and behaved.

Last week, I found out that Tiendesitas was sponsoring a dog show only for pit bull breeds.  So predictably, Sweetie and I decided to celebrate our first year anniversary together in that part of the city.  And we came home happy and amazed because I upped the ante this time --- I touched a pit bull, err... I carried a pit bull puppy!

Level up!  :-)

Watch as I lovingly stroke this pit bull's head

I love this puppy!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breakfast at Ortigas Ave

Come the 30th of this month, Sweetie and I will be celebrating the first year that we've been together as a couple.  Unfortunately, the 30th is a holiday for most of us, but not for him since his sched follows the American calendar.  So we did the next best thing: celebrate it in advance.

Since I've been mentioning for the past year or so that we both love to eat, the logical place to find us on this day is...yes, at a food joint!  Hahaha but wait, it's not just a food joint.  It's a big big bazaar of foodies galore!

So yesterday morning, Sweetie and I hied off to Ortigas avenue to try out the breakfast being sold there...and our verdict?  We'll definitely be back for more!

There are so many food stall along this road in Ortigas center.  And you can find the best deals.  Php 60 for a biggie size rice meal?  I'd say it's a good buy.

There's a variety of choices for every craving and palate.  There's even an Sbarro store somewhere.
We tried this:  Monster Burger.  The burger is just soooo good and juicy, it's even way more delicious than Brother's Burger.  Promise.

Yes, we dined in front of these buildings.

It's right in front of Oakwood, along the street where you'll find....

Strata 1000 and 2000.  But these booths are there only on Saturdays, 6:00am-11:00am.  Tuesdays to Fridays they're at Robinson's Cybergate, Pioneer.

Wanna dine here?  The place is open air, but don't worry.  The street has been blocked off for ultimate dining pleasure.

See the many people going to this place just to try out the food?  Sweetie even saw some Makati officemates who went there from work just to partake of the morning's gastronomic delights.

Ah, foodie galore!

Take your pick.

A customer thinks about what to choose.

Call center agents waiting for their food to be cooked....

Tempting dishes!

Happy customers!

Happy anniversary, Sweetie!  Thank you for the wonderful breakfast!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I've mentioned in one too many posts that Sweetie and I love to eat.  No, we love to gorge on just about anything that comes out of the kitchen.  (Whew!  Mental note to self:  start hitting the gym before it's too late!).  From appetizers to main courses to, in the one year I've been with Sweetie, I can not name the many different places we've been to during breakfasts, lunches, meriendas and dinners.

Anyway, this post is all about this American foodie outlet in SM Megamall we visited last Sunday, and we just loved it!  I still think about that special spaghetti and chicken combo in white sauce.  Sweetie and I have been to a couple of places, and sometimes we leave commenting that the food was too salty, or that it was bland, or that the servings was just not right, or that the food was exhorbitant and that the staff weren't friendly, and so on.  I am so glad that for Cajun, the food was fantastic, the service was excellent, the ambience was just right, and that the price was affordable considering that every food ordered is already good for 2-3 persons.  Great deal really.

Do try out Cajun.  It's worth your every hard-earned penny.  :-)

It's Cajun this time for a food tripping couple...
See?  It's affordable, isn't it?

I think the pictures do the store "injustice" because the food tastes 10X better than how the photos project them to be!
So yummy!

Fish coated with a kind of cheese I forgot...Fried and served with favorite!
Shrimp and prawns...

I just can't get enough of this.  Mouthwatering chicken pasta by Cajun....