About Me

checking out the goods at a Japanese convenience store in 2011

My name is Isa, happily engaged to Matthew with whom I have shared the last three years of my simple but wonderful and blessed life.  I am an English teacher by profession during regular working hours, but in between planning lessons, checking students' outputs and recording grades, I do my best to make time for trying out new things and pursuing other passions and interests like devouring interesting books, drawing/painting, making some handicrafts, whipping up a new dish, and learning another language.

Before Scribbling Angel, I used to maintain a blog somewhere in the virtual highway until I forgot my password and could no longer access it.  But I love writing.  It is a form of therapy for me.  So I opened this account, and I haven't looked back since.  I like writing about the things I'm currently into, the adventures I have recently gone through, the food I've sampled and tasted, and just about anything under the sun in simple, straightforward fashion.  There is so much negativity online these days, so I will do all that I can to keep at least my own space in the net positive and happy.

This blog is my personal online diary, so I will be sharing here a lot of what is happening in my life, and the many things and various people that have molded me to become what I am today.  But accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior is the most important and defining moment of my life.  You will find me talking more about Him and sharing a lot more about my faith and personal walk with God in this blog.

I play the role of a fiancee, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a colleague, a supervisor, a trainee, and yes, many times over, a student, depending on who I am with.  But for me, the role that I cherish the most is being a child of God.