Sunday, February 15, 2009

How I spent my Valentine's Day

Nothing that will make your heart jump.
There were no phone calls. No text messages. No stuffed toys. No letters. No cards. No flowers. No chocolates. No surprise dinners. No anything.

It's as ordinary as can be. Just as it had been for quite some time.

So I decided to make this night special for someone. I decided to spend this night with the one who loves me the most... my mom.

I bought her tickets to Richard Poon's concert at the Tanghalang Pasigueno, and we enjoyed every bit of it. My mom's company + Richard Poon's music = a soothing and relaxing night.

At least I made someone feel loved on the day of hearts : )
What about you? How was your v-day?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Photographer's Delight

Being a big fan of my only niece and nephews, I can't help but keep on collecting their pics --- candid shots and otherwise. Here are some of my favorites: the odd one out :-)


Muscleman Diego Boy @ 2 years old

Zonked out after my brother's wedding @ InterCon

Future Senator Viernes? O parang mas bagay na presidentiable?

Sleepy eyes

how to battle the summer heat : take a luxurious bath!

Royal milk for Her Royal Highness (check out the tiara!)

"I just turned one!"

Center of my focus

Got milk?

Really watching Kuya Enrique's Christmas performance

Diego: "Don't worry, Ricah. I'm just here."

The wide grin on her face? It's priceless. Ang hirap pangitiin eh.

Hotties in trunks hehehe ;-D

future heartthrob in stroller


Sleepy Franco

Ballerina pose

Computer scientists in the making