Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spinning wheels, pumping gas and burning rubber :-)

If you see a lady who looks like me driving a silver Honda sedan lately, then most probably, yes, it was ME. XCB 185? Check. It was Isa on the steering wheel.

Yes, God gave me a car! And the best part of it was I got it AT ZERO COST!!!!!

Well, almost.

Where in the world can you ever find a lady like me who earns a little more than minimum wage AND drives around a five-year-old car? Kuya came home one night, handed me the key to his Honda sedan, and told me that I could drive it around from then on. Yep, it's all mine.

Next thing I know is I was already in driving school, enrolling for a five-day course. Then, it was off to LTO. I got my license in a day, contrary to all the stories I've been hearing from friends. And I've been burning rubber and pumping gas ever since hehehe :)

I still can't figure it all out, but I'm very sure that the car is God's way of confirming the ministry path I'll be taking this year. I can't thank and praise Him enough for answering my prayers --- and answering me this way! FYI, I didn't ask God for a car. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that God would give me a car now. It's the farthest thing on my mind. I was praying for ministry direction, and for ministry confirmation. Then, voila, the car came. It was more than all the direction and confirmation I needed (more on this in my future blogs).

Until the next blog. For now, please excuse me as I practice how to park :)

Vroom vroom vroom :)