Friday, January 9, 2009

The Thank You Post

Nine days?

I couldn't believe that it was only nine days ago when I bade 2008 farewell and said hola, 2009! 2008 had been a wonderful, wonderful year for me and here are just some of the reasons why I am thankful for the past 365 days (in no particular order):
  1. delectable breakfasts, lunches and dinners (courtesy of Aning) and a hot cup of Kopiko or Nescafe 3-in-1
  2. the privilege to drive a manual car (courtesy of my super bait Kuya Ron) and the hassle-free procedure of taking the licensure and practical examination at LTO San Juan (thank you, Lord!)
  3. great disciplers who are honest enough to tell me when I am in bad (spiritual) shape, and who are my noisiest cheer leaders, too
  4. great friends who think of the most heartwarming ways to express how they value and love me
  5. an ever-supportive mom
  6. an equally-supportive sister and thoughtful sister-in-law
  7. protective brothers and brother-in-law
  8. endless supply of hugs and kisses from my cuddly nephews and niece
  9. that weird Balucanag/Sanchez/Viernes sense of humor I witness every reunion
  10. my trusty two-year old laptop
  11. the Internet ---- and how it bridges the gap between two continents and so much more
  12. Christian music that always reminds me to behave the way a Christian should
  13. the diary that Crystal gave me a few years back and which I currently use to write my thoughts and my prayers
  14. my ever-reliable one and only black office bag which I am supposed to but wouldn't want to retire
  15. a church that is committed to Christ
  16. ministry partners from Campus Crusade from Christ who always uphold me in their prayers
  17. the privilege to study God's Word through Bible Study Fellowship
  18. my cellphone, and how it keeps me connected to everyone else
  19. answered prayers that encourage me to keep on believing and praying to a God who delights in answering me in ways I couldn't have guessed
  20. great Bible verses that are being texted just when I need my verse for the day
  21. the exciting prospect of discipling ladies, beginning with a girl who walked into my office last Monday
  22. iTunes, and how it makes listening to mp3's easier
  23. Windows movie maker, and how easy it is to learn to use it
  24. my current pairs of office shoes (cos it's so hard to find comfy pairs that are reasonably-priced)
  25. the honor of introducing Christ to young people and sharing my life lessons (though it's sometimes embarrassing to confess and share about things I did before)
  26. my eyes, which have been more cooperative this past year compared to the previous ones
  27. my talkative and highly intelligent dermatologist, Dr. Jay Nunez, who not only manages my allergies very well but who also inspires me to be the woman that God designed me to be (and oh, how he challenges me with his Biblical insights every time I visit!)
  28. a great team / department that understands my working style and standards
  29. a boss who gives me his 101% trust
  30. colleagues who appreciate my strengths and helps me in my areas of weaknesses
  31. neighbors who constantly look after our house and who are always ready to help us in time of need
  32. seemingly endless days and nights of trainings for competitions, and winning in them (hehehe)
  33. the desire to learn how to cook, and being highly appreciated for whatever I whip up in the kitchen
  34. cakes from Red Ribbon that satisfy my sugar cravings
  35. KFC and how after all these years their chicken and gravy are still numero uno
  36. the excitement of springing little suprises on family and friends
  37. the gift of discernment and how it grows stronger and stronger as I become older
  38. pedicures that make me feel squeaky clean every time
  39. great-looking blouses that are being sold at affordable rates in tiangges
  40. nature spots and how they remind me that God makes all things beautiful in His time
  41. working at a job I've dreamed of since I was little
  42. the possibility of shifting careers when I finally made up my mind to do so
  43. MS Access and SQL, and how I quickly learned how to use them to make my tasks easier
  44. my current special assignments that force me to be a little more creative
  45. the God-given ability of knowing what to say at the right time
  46. former students who still stay in touch
  47. being mistaken for a colegiala when I am in jeans and when I was a bit thinner (hehehe)
  48. great books given to me as presents
  49. naturally straight hair that cooperate very well everyday especially since I do not know how to fix it
  50. the ability to support missions and extra church projects
  51. the feeling that I am ultra rich even though I am just a five-digit earner
  52. a plan on how to save up money this year so I can spend them on some surprises I plan to give to some people
  53. Dove Beauty Bars, and how they are taming and keeping my allergies at bay
  54. the promise of greater and better things to come
  55. free websites like this that make it possible for me to blog
  56. my 7.2-megapixel camera, and how it's been capturing great moments
  57. the beauty of being still, being alone and being quiet and just sharing this moment in communion with God, knowing that He honors this sacred time
  58. the eureka moment of understanding a particular Bible principle or theological issue without the aid of commentaries or notes
  59. testimonies of couples I heard from my church this year, and how they convince me that a great and lasting love story can only be made possible when two people are Christ-centered
  60. God, who loves me unconditionally

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It was in Year 2008 when....

I donned a dress and danced the night away in our own version of a high school promenade.

Shimmery in maroon

for the first time...
I spent time with dear friends whom I haven't seen in a while.

Best buddies since college: Isa, Crystal and Agnes
We dedicated to the Lord my only niece, Ella Monique, on her first birthday.

royal milk?
cranky, crying baby
I missed a trip to Boracay and passed up the opportunity to rest and recreate (refresh and relax, too!).

Only 15 pesos for a roro trip? Not bad, huh.
Glorious and majestic Boracay sunset

A wanderlust's capture
I signed up with BSF and fell more in love with God and with life.
I met new friends and enjoyed the company of great guys and gals who love Jesus.
I joined a new discipleship group.

my new church family...

celebrating Jules' 40th bash @ Gumbo

I welcomed the new School Year with an added assignment: handling Japanese language instruction.

Yoneda Sensei gets immersed in Filipino culture for a day.

I was a godmother (yes, a ninang!) to the wedding of one of my teachers!

guess how old/young is that ninang in maroon...

I bonded with my teachers as we drew up a battle plan to increase English language achievement rate for our school.
We commemorated our 3rd founding anniversary and do look forward to more fruitful years in the future.

the winning website in the Regional competition...
yes, we were this close to being the champion...

go National!

wala lang :-)

Betchay demonstrates one of the animations...

wala lang ulit :-)

medals galore...and more to come!

I witnessed the much-awaited wedding of two high school friends, whose love story involved my bringing the portrait that Henri painted for Len during their courtship days.

Finally, husband and wife...

it all started with this group in high school...

I reunited with my family from mom's side when my dear grandpa passed away.

curly hair meets straight hair

my wacky family

I had so much fun playing tita-yaya last Christmas and New Year to my super adorable nephews and only niece.

My 2008 was super fabulous. Can 2009 be anything less? :-)