Tuesday, March 24, 2009

week-ending at La Mesa Eco Park

The lazy bug bit me again, and so here are the pics of our latest family outing:

Pogi bebe :-)

with Lola Chit and Enrique Miguel

One more time ;-)

this time with Mommy Charisse

tall, tall, tall trees!!!!

with Diego Boy

with Franco Boy

Franco made Tito Ron tell stories about fishes as they watch them from this pond.

eco-friendly ampitheater

cowboys on a carriage

closer look at the cowboys

The statues seem to stand guard over this area.

Placid water

Franco tries the slide.

2nd honors at 3 years old

My mom excitedly texted me two Mondays ago that Enrique's school, Tots@Work, is going to hold their Moving Up ceremonies on a Friday...and that...Enrique will be awarded as the 2nd honors!!! I was literally dancing to my feet. Only three years old --- barely out of his toddler years --- and already on top of the class? This is great news!

Immediately, I filed for a leave and attended the school's jampacked event. Here are some pics and mementos of my little nephew's first time to go onstage on his first year. Enjoy : )
I can't believe that our 3-year old nephew first went to school last June, and now we're in his first moving up ceremony! How time flies!

Cute programme

Lola Boots, Mommy Charisse, Tita Isa, Lola Chit and Ella Monique excitedly wait for the program to start

Playful Enrique wouldn't stop smiling for the camera even as the kids were singing the National Anthem already : )

Seryoso masyado : )

WORD SMART Awardee. Yipee!!!! English-speaking kasi hahaha

The cute parrot ;-)

Daddy Eric pins the award on Mommy Charisse's mini me.

Daddy Eric and Enrique

with Mommy

Hahahaha awed by his medal...enjoying the moment :oP

after giving mommy a rose

antok na hehe

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Girl bonding @ Almon Marina

Great food + great company = a great afternoon!

Here we were a few hours ago, about to munch on our late lunch courtesy of Almon Marina, SM Megamall (and yes, I ordered chicken yet again, as if you don't know what I really, really like hehe).

From left to right: Alona, my discipler Evelyn, Jo, Grace, Therese, Mafe and moi

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sablayan, here I come

I just can't wait for summer to come. Sandy beaches, fresh air, great food, and work-free week??? Melikey!!!!!!!
Sablayan, here I come. Woohoo I'm going to Occidental Mindoro!!!!!!

With Monique in My Mind....

Isn't she lovely?

We have been blessed with three rowdy, sweet, hyperactive, noisy nephews for the past severak years, so we all started praying for God to give us a little girl this time for our growing brood.
And then she came. And she turned our world upside-down.

From her pranks to her antics, to her funny accent and baby talk, to the frown on her face, to the sparkle in her eyes, hands down, she is everyone's darling! And we just love her. Nay, we adore her.

Can't blame us. She's our one and only niece, and unless I or my brother beget a little girl, then she'll forever be our family's muse : )

So, even though she'll be turning only two this April, I'm already thinking of how we're going to celebrate her 18th. Meanwhile, check out the birthday photos I saw from top photographer Nelwin Uy. It looks like Auntie Isa has a new inspiration for Monique's next bash : )

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!