Wednesday, September 15, 2010

(Foodie) Lovers? Yes, We Are!

...and I think the fact that my waistline is getting bigger is enough of an indication.

(Note to self:  must start hitting the gym really soon.)

Sweetie and I tried out Chef's Quarter two weeks ago with my mom.  We all worship at an evangelical church right behind SM Megamall, so scouring the humongous store for good food at lunch time comes naturally for us.  We three agreed to try out all the restos and fastfood chains at Mega, since we don't like repeating whatever we've eaten the previous week.  Some weeks we come across some lucky "food deals".  Other days are just...well, let's just say that's going to be my last visit.

Would you care for an entree?

Steak, steak and steak!

Pasta, anyone?

I'm loving the old-world charm of this mirror and vases.

Nice lighting.  But the air-con wasn't working properly.

Mom and I both ordered cream dory in a sauce that I forgot, while my Sweetie Pie got himself fish and chips.  The food was great, but the serving was just too small, even by women's standards.  It took them too long to serve the food too, plus the air-con was awful.  

I would want to come back since the food was good, but I think it'll take me a while -- maybe a year -- to set my feet on this resto.  
We walked out feeling a bit disappointed with CQ, especially comparing it to our previous week's euphoria with our last foodie find.  But then I remembered that I was supposed to treat the three of us to Tutti Frutti, so we hurriedly left and proceeded to TF's tiny outlet.

Don't be fooled.  Yes, Php 20 per oz but since you just pile and pile....

pile and pile all sorts of chocolates, fruits, nuts.....

This cup cost me around Php 130!  Whoa!

TF has many yogurt flavors to choose from:  original, mango, peach, green tea, choco-raspberry...

blueberry, pomegranate, death by chocolate....but my favorite is peanut butter!

Tutti Frutti is one of our most visited stores at the Atrium, and we can't get enough of their wide selection of yogurt and toppings.  Sarap!!!!!

Last Sunday, fresh from reeling about our Chef's Quarter lunch, we proceeded to HK Choi for some Chinese dishes.  I thought it's run by the same owner of Mr Choi at Galleria, but they're different.  They may make the same meals, but each one is good.  And yes, I'd love to drop by again for a visit. 

Chinese style!

It's much like Savory or Super Bowl, but the food was great.

My supermom took this photo.  We're happy about the food, as the smiles show  :-)

I'm loving the Chinese decors too!

This was my plate before they seved the food.  Guess what it looked like after we left the store.  :-)

The food was fantastic at HK Choi.  We ordered chicken and pork rice bowl, while Sweetie Pie ordered chicken rice bowl. It was absolutely mouthwatering.  We added siopao to the list, and boy, I just had to have tea thrice over from everything I put inside my mouth!  This weekly foodie gimmick is becoming too hard to resist, I'm surely gaining more inches and all in the wrong places!

Do drop by HK Choi Megamall,  and if you have the space, throw in a visit to Tutti Frutti.  These are the simple pleasures that make our Sundays doubly fun and exciting.