Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monday, June 22, 2009

Do you snore?

Well, do you, or at least someone that you know?

The last grandson in the family, Enrique just turned three years old last November, and for a boy who has just entered nursery, having him go through the knife was the farthest thing on our minds.

Until doctors confirmed our precious little boy had sleep apnea.

Ever since he was a little over six months, his parents and yaya had noticed that he keeps on snoring a little too loud, in fact, even louder than his grannies or daddy. We just dismissed it as something adorably peculiar --- a small boy 'roaring' like a mini-me of his papa or uncle both of whom we endlessly tease for their not-so-cute and oftentimes funny nocturnal habit.

Fast forward to when he was two years old.

While most kids would happily hop about and run and scream and wreak all kinds and sorts of cutesy kiddie antics, our small one wouldn't even budge. He would just tickle, laugh and play with us for a while, then he'd retreat to his quiet corner by the wall and rest. He would frequently pant for breath, and complain that he's tired. In malls and even in church where children are notorious for their unstoppable hyper ways, our Enrique would always request for the stroller --- a rarity for toddlers raring to walk and run and jump --- or settle for daddy or mommy's loving arms and shoulders. We thought that he's just shy, or that he's just a sickly little boy, easily worn out from playing and doing the things we normally expect of kids.

One night, my brother and sister-in-law dropped by the house. We discussed about The Medical City Hospital's Sleep Center, and before I knew it, doctors were wheeling Enrique to the operating room.

The verdict?

He had an elarged throat that was blocking his breathing; thus, the throaty, scary snore. Plus, he had to have his adenoids scraped so he could breathe better.

For six days our small boy was confined, crying and whining about his condition. We couldn't help but cry softly as he lay there helpless and begging to be taken home.

Here's the small boy as he was recovering from his operation:

Living on a bottle of milk. After his operation, Enrique was prohibited from eating solid food for a week, and had to be fed milk all the time.

Tatoo? The small boy shows me where the doctors put a mark on his arm for the skin test.

Tired and sleepy. The small one lacked sleep all week.

If you or a loved snores, please go and see a doctor immediately. Enrique's heart stops beating five (5) times for every minute when he was not yet operated on. Doctors were very happy that they removed his throat finally, since that would mean he'll get better quality of sleep after the operation, which will greatly affect his growth and development.

Friday, June 19, 2009

More Doggies!

If only I could have one..... ;-(

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Doggie Decors

Sleeping Angel

I don't know if I'll ever have the chance to take care or even hold a puppy in my lifetime. With all the allergies I have, adopting a doggie is out of the question. So I did the next best thing: I bought puppy ceramics courtesy of Papemelroti. Look at what I got:

Two doggies holding half hearts which only they could form into one!

The she-doggie

The he-doggie



The closest I can get to taking care of real puppies.
Aren't they the cutest desktop decors?